Cooling Spray- How We Saved $1000


Homesteading is not always easy on the budget.

Actually, it never is.

Caring for animals and keeping them healthy is expensive, so we are always looking for ways to do it affordably and naturally.

Now that summer is here in the Midwest, our bipolar weather kicks in.  We get a few days of tropics and then a few days of fall, maybe a day of spring in there.  You never know what is coming.

During the tropical heat waves, keeping the horse and cow cool are a challenge.  We don’t have any shade in our pasture because Bethel likes to eat trees. (Smack the forehead)   When the temperatures rise, we bring them into the barn.  They have shelter from the sun, but it gets stuffy in there.

If money were no object, we would have a couple turbo fans blowing on the girls.  This comes at the cost of around $1000.  Not happening.

Our alternative is a peppermint cooling spray.  Talk about essential oils saving you money!!  A grand saved!!  The recipe is super simple- peppermint oil, water and I add lavender as well to deter the flies a bit.

Animal Cooling Spray

16oz spray bottle

20 drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

Top off with distilled water

That’s it.  The girls each have a small fan blowing on them, which doesn’t provide much heat relief.  But after the cooling spray, that little breeze is turbofied!

Side note:  We use only Doterra oils on our homestead.  After years of using store bought oils and not seeing results, I did the research and we switched.  There are no additives or fillers, pesticides or other chemicals in any of Doterra’s oils so I know they are safe to use around the house and the barn.  If you’d like to learn more about how to get these high quality oils in your life without breaking your budget, reach out to me.  I would love to help you get started.


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