22nd Week of 2017


The new round of meat chicks are doing well.  They’ve settled in and are feathering already.  On warmer days they go outside in the run next to the milk house.

In addition to the two feeder pigs, we have adopted Wilbur.  He was the runt of a litter and got a boo boo on his leg.  We’re bottle feeding him and snuggling him and loving him!!!!

Only a few more days left of milking before Bethel is dried off.  😩😩😩. I’ve been saving it for the pigs and chickens. The chicken and ducks favorite is clabber so there’s a jar on the counter always waiting for them.

The garden is aching for rain. I water every other day with the sprinkler. Thanks to the mulch, the soil is staying perfectly moist underneath. Once the seedlings take off, my watering career will end. Yay!

The peppers are failures. The only way I’m growing peppers ever again is if I have a mini hot house. I have nothing nice to say about them so I will stop there.

I think worms were getting my tomatoes.  I sprayed them down with organic caterpillar killer and the damage stopped. My herbs are now being eaten down. (Angry face). Did I mention that the peppers disgust me.

Jasmine the horse is so beautiful and sweet. She really is like a big dog.  With her winter coat gone and some weight on her she is absolutely stunning.

Next month is the beginning of the farmers market.  I’ll be making bread to sell, a white French loaf and fresh milled whole grain loaves. It will be nice to get out in the community and see what things others offer as well.

The ducks got a bigger pool and they love it!!  We dug a hole in the ground and set it in there so they can get in and out easier. Draining it is proving to be a challenge though.  I really really don’t want to siphon the water out but we may have to. (Gross). I’m afraid of what will happen if I get the water in my mouth.

Summer is here!!IMG_1155IMG_1007IMG_0810IMG_1156IMG_1161


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