19th Week of 2017

The gorgeous weather is finally upon us. The furnace is shut down for the season and I’ll be cleaning air conditioners out over the weekend. The temps will be in the 80’s next week!!!

Now that the summer season is here, it makes for later night and later wake ups.  This has been difficult with milking in the morning.  My winter routine was to wake up around 4:30, have my bible time then my Facebook time and out I would go.  There was still plenty of time to get the boys up and ready for school.

Now, with later days, I don’t hit the sack until after 10, and wake up around 6:30. The morning has been a rush.  I’ll be thankful for the break in milking and when the kids finish school.

Today was a day in the garden.  As you know from past pictures I had put a bird feeder up in the garden with a birdbath.  It was lovely to see the birds hanging out there.  I didn’t think about the seeds falling into the garden though.  All of a sudden I had a huge patch of green coming up.  I thought it was cucumbers from last year that were emerging.


They were sunflowers.  Hundreds and hundreds of sunflowers.  I have spent the morning plucking them out of the mulch.  The tomatoes and peppers and herbs went in this week.  I fertilized them today, along with the strawberries again.  All of the herbs are doing great.  I planted lemon balm, chocolate mint, sorrel, borage, chamomile, pineapple sage and some Calendula flowers, along with some more I can’t think of.

The peas are starting to climb the fence. Romaine and iceberg are finally taking off.  Broccoli and cauliflower are still small, and I’m hoping they liven up soon.  Cabbages look great.

I put in green, yellow and red peppers, jalapeños, sweet banana peppers and a cherry pepper plant.

The only thing left to plant is the three sisters-sweet corn, squash and beans.

Broiler chicks arrived this week.  Our first batch is 25.  Doug will be working on the chicken tractor and pig housing.  With the warm temps arriving next week, maybe the pigs can come soon.

In our chick order, Doug got 2 polish chickens. They’re so cute!  They have little afros on them already.  There was a free rare breed they threw in there as well.  Tori and Emma will work on identifying it this weekend.

My allergies have been terrible. The first year we moved, they didn’t get too bad until August. Since then, they’ve been hitting me sooner and sooner. This past week was terrible.  A friend visited and told me about Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.  I researched last night and it turns out that the chemical constituents in each, when put together, actually create a natural anthihistamine.  I’ve been using them today while out in the garden and visiting with Bethel and I haven’t had one symptom!  It’s glorious to be able to work outside and not have your eyelids swell up.

The flies are back and were already going after Bethels legs.  She had some areas where the bite marks were very clear.  I had ordered a bottle of Terrashield spray for her and it worked great!  But I needed to stretch it.  To a 32oz bottle, I added the Terrashield spray, 1 cup of ACV and filled the rest with water. The Terrashield smells amazing, even in vinegar.  And the best part is, the flies HATE IT.  After I sprayed her down, they kept coming back and landing on her, but they would immediately leave.  I’m so thankful to not have to bathe her in chemicals anymore.  The spray we have, advises the user to wear a mask when applying it. If I have to wear a mask, what is it doing to my darling cow???

Thats all from the farm this week.  Happy Mothers Day to the moms out there!




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