How To Save Money With Essential Oils


I love saving money, it’s not only a thrill to get a good deal, but it helps me to serve my family so much the more!  We don’t want to be wasteful, and we for sure don’t want to be spendthrifts, so its important to me to use what we purchase in the most effective way possible.

To save money on meat, we buy from a local farmer, and every bit of it is used, even those soup bones and suet!

The pantry is stocked with items we use most often, and these keep those last-minute trips to the grocery store down.  Cooking from the pantry is our number 2 way of saving money.

I also love DIY projects! They are a another great way to save!  Making toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen and cleaners.  Slowly over time, I have been eliminating toxic products out of our home.  It’s so great to be able to whip up that batch of laundry detergent when you run out, instead of running out to the store.  And when you make these products at home, they are so much better for your family, especially your children.

But the one tool I use that saves us the most is Essential Oils.  Here are some examples of the way we save hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year with these little treasures.  (We use Doterra oils in our home because of the purity and the trust we have for the company, so I’ll be using them as the example for prices)

Stomach upset                                      $0.12 per use

Scratches and other wounds             $0.06 per use

Air freshener and purifier                $0.04 per use

Counter cleaner/ disinfectant           $0.40 per bottle

Muscle pains and aches                     $0.16 per use

Doctor visit for cold/ strep throat    $0.20 per use

Skin care                                               $0.28 per use

Allergy cream                                      $0.16 per use

Allergy relief                                       $.08 per use

Cold relief                                            $0.08 per use

Dewormer for the animals              $0.20 per use

Flavoring for cooking (varies) between $.04 and $0.20 per use

Sunscreen                                           $0.24 a container

Toothpaste                                         $0.24 a tube

mouthwash antibacterial              $0.16 a use

Anxiety medication                         $0.08 a use

Energy supplement                         $0.08 a use

Stopping the stomach flu from spreading——-PRICELESS

And there are so many more!!!  These are just a few of the ways we use them everyday!

When I bought my first kit with Doterra, I purchased the Family Essentials Kit for $150.00.  After a week, I kicked myself for not buying a larger one because I was using the oils so often every day.  And it was only a few days later, that I realized,  only 1 visit to the doctor would have cost more than that kit did.  It was then, I really began to see all of the ways that it was saving us money! I loved not having to run to the store every few days if someone needed something around the house.  I loved that I wasn’t harming my children or pets with dangerous chemicals.  And the oils weren’t just for Doug and the kids and I, I was using them to support and help the pets and barnyard animals as well!

I do have one caution.  Please be very careful about what oils you use.  They should be safe for ingestion.  They should also be pure and unadulterated, otherwise, instead of offering you any benefit, they could do the opposite and harm you.  This is why we only use Doterra Oils.  The first testing done on their oils are from a third-party lab, and you can go onto their website to see the results for your bottle of oil!   This is what sold us.  For a company to be that confident in their product, they would use an unbiased source to verify the quality and purity of their product, and THEN, show you the results!

If you’re wondering, “Jen!  Where do I get these oils??  How do I start saving money??”

Go to my website here:

Click on “Join and Save!”  Then just follow the steps to get enrolled.

If you need help walking through the process, I am here to help in any way.

After you complete your enrollment, I will be contacting you to get you set up with some amazing resources to help you get educated on your oils and how to use them most effectively.  I have a special Facebook group where I share all our favorite recipes and uses for the oils.  And again, if you have any questions with the enrollment or your oils, I am here!  You will never be left with a box of oils and no idea how to use them.  Remember, one of the ways I love saving money is by using what we buy!  I will not leave you alone.

I know it sounds cliché, but truly, these little bottles have transformed our day-to-day lives, our health, and our moods.  They are powerful and empowering and I am so excited for you to begin this amazing journey with us!







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