18th Week of 2017

The rain this last week seemed endless.  It was cloudy and dreary cold.  Definitely not fun spring homesteading weather.  I didn’t visit the garden all week and am anxious to see how everything is holding up.  The seedlings in the house are screaming to get out in the ground and I’m ready to have my bathroom back from them.

It was a week of indoor stuff.  Cleaning and working on business stuff. Both jobs are equally enjoyable. With cleaning, an added benefit is a good workout, and the end result is so peaceful. When your home is in order and tidy, there is just a peace that flows out to you- even in cold dreary yucky weather.

I’m still doing a lot of training with the business.  Also, I’m patiently waiting on my team to start building up.  I can’t share the experience until I’ve educated myself enough on it, and I plan on spending these first few month doug just that.  I’ve learned so much about using essential oils and other natural remedies on the animals. It’s so wonderful to learn new things.

If the weather wants to finally hold, our piggies should be arriving soon.  I ordered the first round of broiler chicks today, and a couple polish ones for Dougs delight.

Soon Ill be drying Bethel off to prepare for her new calf in August!  The babies are one of my favorite things in homesteading.  Kittens and chicks and ducklings and calves.  We’re hoping someday to have a new foal as well!

It was a quiet week.  Blessings to all!




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