16th Week of 2017

There is something about the spring weather that just changes everything!!!! Perhaps it’s all the sun, the warm air, the longer days with gorgeous sunsets?  It’s such a productive time of year.

The barn was painted a bright and shiny hue of “barn red” this week.  The barn was an old garden shed that we put primitive stalls in and then began calling it a barn. A barn, technically would be a place to house animals and farmy things, kind of like a garage for a farmer.  But all that to say- we have a red barn now. The whole color scheme of red, green and yellow on the buildings, really takes the emphasis off the garbage and junk piled around the property.   It works.

Spring time means spring milk!!!  And I love spring milk!!!  It takes on such a unique fresh flavor with very slight grassy undertones.  The color becomes a brighter yellow from all of the beta carotene in the fresh new grass.  It is truly a delightful gift to have once a year, especially after the much milder winter milk.  Bethel is so pretty laying out among all the dandelions with the horizon reaching far far back behind her. I love spring!!!

My favorite place to be though, is in the barn.  Even in 20 below temps, it’s still the barn. There’s something so special about it. In the cold nasty weather, to walk through the snow and wind and then enter the building to quiet and stillness.  If there is a storm, it rages outside, but within the walls there is peace.  The animals are content, so how can you not be?  In the spring, the work is so pleasant. Cleaning and sweeping, tidying up places that got full of junk from the winter. The earthy smells of horse and cow mingling together, and an added treat is the cool breeze that blows in the side door.  Sigh…..

I am a terrible dieter.  I enjoy control over my food and schedule and eating. Therefore I was a complete failure in taking the Slim and Sassy blend.  I used it for a few days and noticed a decrease in my appetite and cravings.  As for the metabolism part, I don’t know- three times a day was a big commitment for me to remember. (Ha)  I have nothing to report there.  BUT, I have been diffusing all kinds of lovely things and it really, really has changed the moods around here.  We’ve had a lot more peace, joyful laughing, and contentedness.   I’ve also been using my favorite Frankincense on my face and the feeling is nothing short of luxury.  Also in the diffuser has been an allergy blend because our eyes are getting watery and noses are getting drippy.

The great thing I love about oils is that they’re so versatile. They all have so many uses, so you don’t need a cabinet of 100 to get the jobs done. A steady few can keep you on the path of natural living. If you’d like to try some, please, come to a gathering or get in touch with me and I can get you samples to try for yourself!

Not a lot happened in the kitchen this week. The peas are coming up in the garden, along with LOTS of volunteers from last year.  I’m tempted to just plant my seeds in the winter and let them come up themselves in the spring. It would be a fun experiment. Strawberries are doing really well after their poop treatment.  Iceberg and romaine are slowly getting there.  I think after a good thunderstorm, everything will really take off.  This weekend the temps at night are going to get low, and if the tomatoes and peppers make it in their mini greenhouses, I will put the rest out.

Staggering the garden planting is so lovely, especially when you have a large bed. It removes the pressure of getting it all in at once in a hurry and extends your time with hands in the dirt.  I think God did that on purpose when he created these plants for us. 🙂

When are broilers and pigs coming?  Still not sure. Hopefully the chicks will be ordered by the end of the month and piggies will come when the weather gets steady.

Thats all for this week!  Blessings!



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