Essential Oils In the Garden

Everyday, I am blown away by the many uses I find for my essential oils.  Not only in the house and on our bodies, but in the barn and the garden as well!  When we first moved here, I felt like I was taking the 30 minute drive to Farm and Fleet three times a week. Now, I have a whole cavalry  of natural solutions in my cabinet. And they’re in little brown bottles!

You may be thinking, “They’re too expensive.”

Take a look at this-

IMG_0369Yes!!!  Pennies!!!  Please use only a Certified Theraputic Grade Oil in all of your homestead uses!  You’ll see how a little goes a long way in the sections below.

If you’d like to know more about Doterra oils or get started, email me or check out my website.

So here are my new favorite ways of using oils in the garden from The Prairie Homestead blog.  If you haven’t visited her yet, her site is a MUST.

1. Companion planting

We know that certain plants work really well together, and EO’s work in the same way!  Just add 1 or 2 drops to your watering can.

Basil EO- asparagus and tomatoes

Chamomile EO- cabbage family or onions

Dill EO- cabbage family

Oregano EO- pumpkins, cucumbers, melons and squash

Peppermint EO- cabbage family, tomatoes, peas

Rosemary EO- carrots, cabbage family, beans

Sage EO- carrots

Thyme EO- cabbage family

The cabbage family seems to love EO’s more than anyone! 🙂

2. Slugs

Theyre gross.  We allow our ducks in the garden to help with this issue, but if you are without ducks, I’ve heard these EO work great.  Add about 5 drops to a cup of water and make a circle with the solution around the plants to deter the slugs

White Fir EO

Cedarwood EO

Peppermint EO

3. Attracting pollinators

We love bees and butterflies.  Unfortunately, we’re surrounded by Roundup ready crops, so have been hesitant to invest in hives.  But, again  EO’s to the rescue!  Add a few drops of these oils onto cotton balls and place them all around the garden.




It seems like the possibilities are endless.  There is so much more- around the house, for the kids, on the cow 🐮.  If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and natural solutions for your homestead and family, please contact me. I would love to help you learn all you can about oils and different natural solutions for your everyday life.

Happy oiling!








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