15th week of 2017

It is mornings like today that make every bad day, every cold day, every hard day and every wet day worth it.

As I walked out for morning chores, the gratefulness poured out of me. “What a life, what a blessing, undeserving. ”


This week we had a new friend come by for a homesteading visit.  She was interested in starting her own with some chickens.  Harli- please please, you must get your chickens.  Because it is mornings like today, you will walk out for chores early in the morning.  And the peace, joy and contentment that washes over you will be like no other.  And of course, we always recommend a cow to go along with your chickens.

In the garden, I planted the iceberg and romaine seedlings earlier in the week.  They’re trudging along, and look much better today after the gentle rain we got last night.

Yesterday, I planted 36 strawberry plants for our new patch, that is fenced in from Isaac the goat.


What else went in?  Oh!  Some beautiful kale!



And I put out a few peppers and tomatoes Amish style.


That’s a cat head photobombing. 🙄

Overall, the garden is coming together beautifully.


This is year 2 of the Back To Eden garden and you can see….no weeds.  In the area of the picture, I had about 20 that were coming up, but they easily came out.  It took me 10 minutes.  Ten minutes of weeding!  I’ll take it!

Bethel and Jasmine have bonded and are now what I call sisters.


Isaac is kind of the weird cousin that no one likes, but they just tolerate him….

My oil kit came this week and there have been endless uses for them.


Doug has used the Deep Blue for his knee pain.  Replaced the chemical filled Ben Gay

I used Lavender in the diffuser at bedtime to help with the restless legs.

In the morning, I use peppermint and wild orange on my hands to help wake me up.

Today, I feel a cold sore coming on, so the tea tree oil went on.

And we just finished our first week with the slim and sassy.  I have noticed a dramatic decrease in my cravings and appetite.  When I feel the urge to go fill my mouth with a bag of cheetoh puffs, I just put a drop under my tongue.  The tingling and taste in my mouth is pleasant, and also keeps me from wanting to add artificial cheese flavoring to it.

I add lemon oil to my water, sometimes with lavender.

So the uses of this box of oils is absolutely endless.  I am so thankful to have them in our home to begin a real transition to more natural living, and also, a life  independent of the constant need for doctors and stores.









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