Being A Homemaker Is The Most Important Job For Mom

Just a short bit of what I found in my journaling from a year ago.

This morning I am so thankful to be a keeper at home. I don’t know how we would live our lives if I worked. Yesterday, picking up 2 of the kids at 2:30 to get to a doctors appointment for one of them. Then going back to pick up child number 3 at 4:15. Dropping off child number 1 at his baseball game, bringing the other two home to quickly feed them and have them change, just to go off to their own practices at 5:30. I don’t know how we would get through each day if I wasn’t available. And so, I am grateful that God provides us with enough each month, for me to be here to help my husband and children.

I tried every avenue in life for fulfillment. Numerous attempts at a career, numerous attempts at college degrees- settling on a degree in healthcare, but lacking everything that goes with it.

In taking care of my home, keeping it orderly, keeping it tidy, managing our finances, growing our food, being available for the kids when they need me, giving them that security, being available to help fellow neighbors when they need it, making nutritious, from scratch meals for my family…….in all of this I have finally found rest. I have a “soul peace”that never existed with any other venture I reached for. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done, but the one that has carried the most joy, the most spirit. To know Gods will for my life, and then be in the center of it, is all of my joy.



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