13th Week of 2017

A week of spring rains. It was so very much needed  because of the lack of snow we’ve had this year.  I can’t wait to see how things will be growing this season!

A week of rain meant a week of indoors. In studying, I am still going through the Psalms and of course, Romans, my favorite book of all right now. I went deeper with some teaching of The Doctrine Of Man by Paul Washer, and it brought me to depths of His truth I have never been!  Amen!  He is so good and how I love Him so!

In the kitchen, I furthered my experiments with meringue.  Originally, I thought my favorite cook book of all time was a 1961 Betty Crocker, but it has now shifted to a 1950’s Farm Journal Cookbook. It appears that one of their favorite show off meals was anything molded in gelatin…..yes, molded in gelatin. And I’m not talking about strawberries and bananas in strawberry jello. They adored marinated garden vegetables suspended in a gelatin loaf. A meat masterpiece, suspended in a gelatin dome. Weird. Just for kicks, I am going to try the vegetable one.

Ive learned this week that an essential skill in all of life is a love of learning. If you don’t have that, it is near impossible to be succeed. In school, a love of learning is so necessary to further your knowledge. In the workplace, a love of learning is necessary if you want to further your career. And in the home it is the same. A love of learning all things home, makes it such a delight.  Learning how to manage money, learning how to cook new things, learning new and different hobbies. The job of a homemaker is such a gift , that we are allowed the time for so many creative opportunities and hobbies. There is such a wide range of areas we can explore!  Knitting and crocheting, sewing, home decorating, painting, crafting, and the list goes on. This past week, He opened my ears to the songs of His birds. I began hearing the bird songs like I’ve never heard them. They were so beautiful and majestic that I couldn’t stay away. I had to run out with binoculars looking for these wonderful creatures who have been gifted such voices!  And so now, I am beginning to learn about backyard birds. They truly are mesmerizing little things. The details of their color and sounds is stunning. As homemakers, we have the quiet and slow time to enjoy these sorts of hobbies. Never rushed, never pushed. We have the moments to sit for a while and just listen and watch.

Three kittens were born this week, and sadly we lost one. This will be our last litter.  Poor Sophie hasn’t had a break for a couple years and we’ll be bringing her in to be fixed in a month or so. The new baby chicks are getting feathered and have entered the ugly teenager stage where they resemble mini dinosaurs more than chickens. Momma is taking excellent care of them still. When Harley walks over to try and babysit for her, she gets very upset and goes after him.

The grass is growing beautifully with all of the rain and I’m very curious to see how the yard will fare this year. We had ALOT of mud and a lot of areas that lost the grass. We’ll be renting the acre pasture north of us for Bethel.  Jasmine will remain in the pasture for now. Three years of cows on it have done it in a bit, and it won’t be producing enough for Bethel any longer.

That is all from the homestead for this week. Blessings!



One thought on “13th Week of 2017

  1. Love your stories Jen. You don’t probably even realize it, but your also learning to be an author of a book someday. 😘
    PS -is that last picture yours? Are you selling butter? I’d love some


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