Bless the Lord, O my soul

Holy Week.  It truly is such a blessed time. It’s so exciting and warming to the soul, to remember our Saviors resurrection. I struggled for years with it. I didn’t understand the significance. And then the Lord showed me His truth- I had believed that when my dad, or anyone else,( usually it was only someone I cared about,) had died, I imagined them walking around with me here. After they died, they kind of became this walking spirit on earth. In my mind, they had risen from the dead. They were still alive… me.

I could go to my dad with anything, I could imagine him in the car with me as I was driving. He never left me. And sometimes, my mind would trick me and I would think I saw him, or his ghost that is. But the Lord showed me that this wasn’t true. I don’t know if my father had ever believed. I don’t know if he had ever committed his life. There are only two places he can truly be right now.  But his body, the flesh and blood that was created, that,  has been made back into dust.

So back to our Jesus. God showed me this resurrection. He replaced my lies about my dad, with His truth about my Jesus. Jesus is still here, he is still in the car with me, he’s holding hands with me as I walk into a scary place, he’s talking me out of my fears, he’s sitting with my family moment by moment. I can go to Him for anything, and I don’t have to wonder if he’s there. That’s the power of the resurrection. And that body- is not dust. It is not a mortal substance. It is still with Him. That body that we thought was just like ours, is still with Him.

There was no body.

They saw Him human

They saw Him die.

They touched his body and touched the death of it.

There should be a tangible thing there, but all that was left was faith.


It was such a great week. The kids finished up the last week of school before spring break.

For St Patrick’s day, we splurged and bought a real corned beef from the butcher. Was it heavenly??!!!!  Never again will we buy the neon colored thing from the grocery store. I got the smallest one, a 3 pounder, so we tried to make it last as long as we could- 2 days worth!  What a treat it was!

I am officially obsessed with embroidery. I love learning all of the different home arts. Before I was saved, my days were filled with boredom.  This boredom was remedied with the entertainment industry- movies, reality shows.  My time was spent with improving myself, being a better person, fixing me. How horrible!  It was a terrible place to be. And now, the Lord has taught me who I am in Him. And there is other way, no better way, to be. And I can rest in it. So my days are no longer filled with “ME”, they are filled with Him- work for Him, words from Him, the ways of Him.

So I’ve joined the Stitch of the month club, where they send you a new embroidery pattern with the thread every month. The series is called Documented Faith, and each contains a scripture. The idea is to stitch each one on a square and then quilt it all together in the end!  What a lovely, long term project!  When I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I was looking for some fabric scraps for this project. There was nothing. And then my Jesus, led me over to the linens area. The sheets!!!!  The beautiful cotton sheets!  They are fabric!  I found a beautiful king sized sheet for $2.00!!!  That’s a lot of fabric!  I’m on the hunt now for more that I can make into skirts. What a blessing!

On the homestead-

Doug and the kids got the pasture rewired.  It was truly a gift to watch the children working with Doug.  They were all so playful and joyful, and it’s also so wonderful to see the fruit of my husbands hands.  While he is at work all day, I miss the opportunity.  But to see him working here makes my heart swell with love for him.  The cows are now outside cows!  Unless a terrible storm comes through.  They still are without shelter outside.

Seeds were started this past week.  I planted all of my herbs, and tomatoes.  Today, I will add in some peppers.  The onions and potatoes will be arriving this week and will be put in next.  Their bed is almost finished.  I have 3 more rows to do, and then, just the mulching left.

We only were able to clean out Bethels stall yesterday.  I love working with Doug. As he pulled the tractor in, I was responsible for holding the door open or shut, and also, watching him with admiring eyes. And as we worked together for 2 hours, at times with our shirts covering our mouths and noses, so as not to die from the manure pile fumes, I can’t remember a more romantic moment in our marriage.  I saw a glimpse- this is real, this is romance.  It isn’t a goofy country song, but it’s this affection I have for this hardworking man, and him looking on to his number one helper. Our eyes meeting, our faces covered, the stench unbearable, but the love, everlasting.

We still have Annie’s and we still have to disperse the pile.  Doug is on vacation next week, we have a lot of projects already planned!  New bathroom floors are on the agenda!!






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